Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Post # 6

Blog Post # 6

The Network Student is basically the same things we have been blogging on.  It is another example of how technology can help teach kids.  This one has less use for a teacher than any of the others.  It has ways of where students communicate with each other over the internet on things that they have learned.

I do not mind using technology to help students.  I  think it is a great idea.  However, I do believe in having a teacher involved.  While learning things on your on is a good thing, so is having someone there to help you.  

I believe you need to bring old methods together and new methods together.   Sometimes we want to change things that don't need to be changed.  I believe this can be another example of that.  If something not broken, don't fix it.  I don't believe that teacher are not teaching correctly.  I believe it is the students and their parents fault for not getting involved.

The video Welcome to My PLE!  was very informative on different ways to have school lessons.  I really like the front page where she has all the different sites to go to.   It's kind of like a desktop for school related items.  Her PLE(Personal Learning Enviroment) is a lot different then mine.  I was amazed that she was that young and knew all that.  I would say that the only time our PLE is similar is when I am in EDM 310. 

Some of my favorite PLE come from twitter, google, and edm310blogspot.  Some of the people that have been a help to me on Twitter is @wmchamberlain, @MrCapps, and @MichaelOakwood.  These people have answered questions for me when I have run into problems.  I will just ask a question on twitter and usually one of them will answer it for me. has taught me a lot about what I will need when I become a teacher.  It has also showed me things to expect when I become a teacher.  I will probably follow what the students are doing on this website as long as I am able.  When I get my first job I will come back to this website and read some of the things that I have learned just in case I forget about some of the things I have been taught. is a great website for any question that you have.  Anytime I have a question I ask google first.  It usually has answers for any type of question you have.

Michael Staton and Bill Feritten both agree that they don't like smartboards.   Michael says that smart boards are a waste of money.  Bill Feriten says that the white board where useless when he used them the prior semester.  Here are some links that go against what they say:

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  1. I agree with you that if something is not broken don't fix it. There is no reason to change everything, we should just learn to incorporate new ideas.