Thursday, February 24, 2011

C4K Summary

 My first kid that I had for C4K was Claudia.  Claudia made a list of things about herself.  She said that she never had stitches or any broken bones.  She also said that her favorite food was mac and cheese.  I told her that mac and cheese is an "awesome food".  I also told her that I hope she continues to have good luck with the lack of stitches and broken bones.
My second kid was Francis.  He wrote about baseball on his blog.  There was a girl that was stung by a bee while they where playing.  I told him that I hope he has fun playing baseball.  I also told him that I had never seen anyone get stung by a bee while they where batting.

My third kid's name was Mary.  Like Francis, she also wrote about baseball.  She talked about how Cola came to play with them.  She said that Cola had told them to keep practicing until they came back.   I told her that I thought baseball was a fun sport to play.  I also told her that they gave her good advice when they told her to keep practicing.

I tried to have a positive attitude when I commented on my kid's blog.  I also told them that I enjoyed reading their blog, and that I hope they have good luck in the future.

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