Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Post # 2

  I learned many things about the United States after watching  the Did You Know  video .  I cannot believe how far we are behind some countries on technology and our use of knowledge.  The fact that 25% of India's population with the highest IQ is greater than United States population was a surprising stat to me.  Also the fact that they have more honor kids than we do kids is amazing.

The United States  has been blessed with having the ability to do many things with technology.  We can all go to school and learn what we want, but we choose to be lazy.  I believe we are too spoiled and are not thankful for the resources we have such as the internet.  In order for us to keep up with the world we are going to have to change that.

  "Icing on the Cake"  The video  Mr. Winkle Wakes put the icing on the cake for the point of how important technology is to USE.  I was getting the point from the the first video of it, but this one made me realize how important this class will be to learn more about computers and such.
 Mr.  Winkle awoke from his sleep for a hundred years to realize how things has change.  He saw that everything runs off of computers.  He also saw that even though we have the access to it, we still let it sit up and get dust on it.  If we don't upgrade ourselves, we will know how it feels to be Mr. Winkle.

The first thing that I can say about the Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity  video is that I'm glad it was funny since it was twenty minutes long.  His point from what I understand is that schools are not allowing kids to be creative in schools.  Another words we hold them back from reaching their highest potential.  He talked about how unpredictable the future is, and that we are teaching them them things from past that will not matter then.

His best point to me about this was the story of how a lady had problems and was sent to a doctor to see about the problems.  She seem to have what we would call ADHD today(this story was when she was a girl in the thirties before ADHD was recognized).  The doctor told her mother she just needed to be a dancer and that she had nothing wrong with her.  Mr. Robinson believed that another doctor would have just put her on medications and sent her home.  This was his point, that people are being held back.

  Cecelia Gault's interview of Ken. Robinson in scholastic article showed that she was doing what he has been preaching.  By her doing the interview as a kid, shows that they are being creative.  This allows her to be on camera at a young age, which could always lead in many directions.

In her interview she asked what he thought the intelligence meant.  I think that was a good question because it could of had so many answers.  He said one answer could be understanding problems.  I believe that is a good answer.  If we understood everything and then stuck with it, think of how far we could go.

 In the last video that I watch  Harness your student's digital smarts Vicki Davis talks about how every child can learn.  She speaks of how one problem is that the kids do not have anything to work with in some places.  All they have is pen and paper.  She also talked about how helping each empowers the students.

 I agree with the things Vicki said.   I do believe that students should work together.  I remember a teacher telling my class that we should not help each other because some of the students would be competing against each other for nursing school.  I did not think that was a good comment.  We should help each other.  We are all going to be working out in the world, and the more educated we are the better we all our.
Blog Post #2

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