Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. McClung's World Special Assignment

1.)Mr. Mc Clung's World is Mr. McClung's blog. He has things on there such as ways to help with a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen, his assignments for his class, his syllabus, and much more. Until I seen this blog I really did not understand that I can use a blog for the same thing when I become a teacher. I knew that's Dr. Strange uses his blog for our EDM310 class, but it really never sunk in that I can do that too. Mr. McClung's blog showed me that parents and students can have access to everything that's going on in the class anytime via the internet, which is what he's say on his welcome link. That way you can never lose assignments or not know what is going on in the class. A parent can get on there and see what there child is learning on a day to day basis.
2.)  I think think that Mr. McClung  is a good teacher.  Any teacher that would take the time to have all these different options on his blog shows that he cares.  I think that is one of the most important things you can have as a teacher.  You have to care.  That is true about any job but it's really true for a teacher.  Mr McClung has all this on his blog for his students. 
3).  Mr. McClung's rules start off by telling you that you need to have energy when you come to class and a positive attitude.  I think that is a good thing to say because your students need to be alive and not asleep in class.  He understands that he needs them to be ready to learn when they come.  The next two things that he tells you is to talk and listen.  I believe he say's this because he want's his students to interact with each other.  I believe this will also give him a good connection with students.  The more they are interacting the more they will learn from each other(including Mr. McClung).  His other rules are basic rule's such as raise your hand to speak and raise your hand to leave your seat.  He also has a rule to make your teacher happy.  I will have to use that as one of my rules when I become a teacher.
4).  Planner is the first thing under what everyone needs.  I believe he put this first is because before you do anything you should have a plan.  The planner can keep everything organize so that student has the option of keeping things in order.  This can be important if there is ever any trouble on assignments in the future.
 5). Mr. McClung gives the penalties for being late on assignments on his blog.  Mr. McClung's students will lose a letter grade for each day that assignment is late. While I'm not sure if that is exactly the same as Dr. Strange's penalty for late assignments, I understand that you do not need to be late on his assignments. I remember reading on Dr. Strange's blog that if you keep being late on assignments that you will be taking EDM310 again.  I know that u get a D or F for the assignment's that are turn in late for Dr. Strange.
6).His blogging is to allow readers to keep up with the "current happenings" in his classes and his cross country traveling class.  He also states that all comments are welcome.  I can see how that can be helpful.  When I become a teacher I will have something like this so that I too can have interactions with not only my students but their parents.  Communication is really important an I believe Mr. McClung understands this.
  7). I click on two of his useful links. The first one was ant which is a search bar website. The second link I click on was Arkansas Department of Education which is a website that focuses on bettering Arkansas's education. These both can be helpful for his students and parents.
8).  I believe Mr. McClung put the internet rules because he knows that that it can be abused.  If use right the internet is a really great tool.  If used wrong it can be the opposite.  There are things on there that can be harmful to a child's imagination.  Today we live in a society where we sometimes can get reality and fantasy mixed up.  Radio and television's is part of that reason.  Internet can do the same thing.  There are sites that can put thoughts in the students mind that should not be there.
9).  One of the post that I reviewed was the guys singing "Hero".  This post showed me to do things that will be fun for the students.  I think you should reward your students for the work they put in.  This video looked like it was fun for the guys on the stage and the crowd.  Then to show it on the blog was cool to.  They can always have this to look back at since it is now on the internet.  I wish I could look back at SOME(not all) of the things I did in school.
10).  One thing that I like about what he has on his blog is the links that do into different topics. There is a category button that has different options to choose from. I do not know how to do that on my blog. I would love to know how to have options for someone to go into on my blog.There is also a option to play a song on his blog. He uses it for education purposes also. This week he uses it to tell a slavery story which is what he about to teach dealing with the Civil War. I would like to know how to do that also.
11).  Mr McClung uses his post to help in ways such as having Arkansas's history on there.  I'm sure that can be helpful for someone in Arkansas.  It could help the parents feel more comfortable in helping their children if they know what they are talking about.  This site about Arkansas is one thing that they could read to help with that.  I can use his sight's to understand how I can help my students and thier parents in the future.
12).  I think that Mr. McClung's blog is more advanced then the other blogs that I have look at.  While they all have the same goals as in communicating and allowing access to what going on, his blog goes deeper than that.  I do not recall any other having a song of the week on theirs.  To be honest with you I don't know how he has time to put everything on there.  If not already, before long he will have to hire someone to do his blog.
13).  To be honest with you I cannot think of too  many things that you could put on that blog that he does not already have.  I feel stupid commenting on his blog, much less giving suggestion's for him.  I would have a column for each student like he does for archives and category, if I was to do anything.

C4T # 3

 I was assigned to as my C4T # 3.  Miguel Guhlin posted records in Texas of how many teachers there are compared to administrators.  In Texas the ratio was 13 to 1.  Laura Johnson posted on a comment where she was talking about how many teachers are losing their jobs.  She said that teachers are very important to kids.  I agree completely with her.  Just two nights ago in Church  a preacher was talking about how we need to help kids.  One thing that he said that I will always remember is that it is easier to build kids than repair grownups.  I believe teaching  is  one of the single most important jobs that there is. A teacher can really make an impact on a kids life.  I don't know much about why teachers don't get paid more or why they are losing their jobs.  Maybe it's because people(maybe government workers or ourselves) don't care how the kids grow up today.  I think that something could be done about this.  Our government, our leaders of our country, who are in control can do something about it.  We who vote for these leaders could do something by our votes.  I'm amazed how the rich get richer.  The gas prices keep going up and the government don't do  anything about it.  I would think that is because they benefit from it.  If them people can get that rich off of things like that then why can't teachers get paid more.  Our tax money should go more towards our future.  It should not go toward government leaders rich life-style.

My second post from Mr. Guhlin was about a tax increase that the state of Texas is trying to pass.  While I really did not know anything about the tax situation, I could tell that it was something that Mr. Guhlin cared about.  He had a list of reasons to reject the tax budget.  He had short-term effects and long-term.    He also stated that the budget was inadequate to meet the needs of Texas.  As I said I really do not know anything about Texas's tax budgets.  One thing that I did learn from reading his blog is that this teacher has constantly showed that he cares about his schools and state.  I would bet that most people only care about doing whatever it takes to get a paycheck.  They would not go through all the trouble of explaining how a certain tax budget would hurt their school.  Mr.  Guhlin seems to be taking the extra steps to help our future.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Post # 10

Blog Post # 10

Morgan Bayda's blog on  Dan Brown's An Open Letter to Educators speaks about how some methods of teaching should change.  Dan  makes this video two weeks after dropping out of class because of the teaching methods.  He say's that the schooling interferes with his education.  I agree with the things they both have to say.  I usually do make good grades off of my memory but a few months down the road I have done forgot everything that I had learned.  I enjoy classes where I do get to interact with other people instead of just sitting in a desk for hours listening to a teacher go over a power point every single day.  I just go to class and take in some of the things their saying, but for the most part I just learned right before the test off memorization.  While I'm thankful that I am able to make good grades that way, it kinda beats the purpose of going to school in the first place.  I hope when I become a teacher that I am able to do things that will draw their attention.  I always wanted to be the best at whatever I do.  I believe being the best teacher means more than just having students with good grades.  I believe it has a lot to do with making that student the best he/she can be to make the world a better place.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils  home was very confusing to me at first.  It actually only made since to me when I heard someone say that the pencil was a computer.  Then I read it again substituted computer for pencil.  Only then did it start making since.  I was wondering why people in low income areas  thought that pencils could be a problem as being used as entertainment.  I even had to read the article one more time to understand it more.  They are arguing about whether computers will make their kids smarter.  I like how the point was made that even if they do play hangman that their will be some learning going on there also.  I think that is true.  I believe playing nintendo  games can help someone become smarter.  They can make you be faster at solving things and seeing things.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

C4K Summary

My student that I had last was named Raven.  Raven @ Pt England School is his blog address.  Raven and I have some common ground in sports.  Although he plays rugby and I have not a clue how, we both like NFL football.  He likes the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings.  His favorite player is Brett Farve.  I told him how I lived in the same town as Brett Farve.  I also told him of a story when my sister had to get up and get another table because Brett and his friends needed to sit together at a table at Pizza Hut.  My second student was named Dominique.  Dominique had little to say on her blog.  The only thing that was said was that he was in Room 19.  I did comment on his page and told him how it was cool to be able to communicate with someone halfway across the world.  I also asked how what he has learned in school.

Blog Post # 9

Blog Post # 9




What I've Learned This Year is a blog from  Mr. McClung.  He blogs about what he learned as a teacher in his first year.  One of the first things that he wrote is how he was so worried about his superiors that he lost touch of what the kids where learning.  He said that student comprehension is the most important aspect of being a teacher.  I understand where he is coming from.  I worked as a car salesman for four years.  Sometimes you are so worried about the pressure from your boss that you lose focus on how you are really treating the customer.  I work as a server now in a restaurant and the same thing can be done their.  I will have to remember what he said about this as I go into my career as a teacher.  Mr. McClung also writes about how he would beat his self up over lessons that did not go well.  This is something that we should take in consideration as a teacher.  Just because everything does not go perfect with what your teaching does not mean you are not doing a good job.  I'm sure for elementary teachers this can be a headache when you seem to not be getting thorough what you are teaching.  I want to give it my best when I become a teacher.  I also will have to remember not to get discouraged if everything does not go perfect while teaching.  Communication is another tip that he gives in this article.  Mr. McClung talks about how communication can help drama at work places.  That is very true.  Think about how many times you have had drama with someone and then think about how it got resolved.  I bet it took a conversation between you and that person to solve the problem.  That always seems to work when I have friction with someone.  We speak our minds and how we feel.  Then you usually understand each other  and work the problem out.  "Listen to your students.  YOU MAY BE THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES." This is what I like the best out of all the things that was said by Mr. McClung.  If you are wanting to become a teacher, you should care about your students.  You should listen to them and try to understand the problems that they might be facing.  A teacher should be much more than just caring about what kind of grade they get.  Life can be difficult and the right help from the right people can make a big difference in how someone lives their life.  LISTEN,CARE, and HELP THEM!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post # 8

Blog Post # 8

This Is How We Dream Part 1 starts off by explaining how writing and books are still helpful today.  Richard Miller explains how he grew up in an house with books and he always wanted to use books in his career.  He now uses his experience on the internet.  He shows how he used the two together to do a project for the killings at the Virgina Tech School.  He also teaches how you can use it for communication across the world instantly.

This is How We Dream Part 2 explains how you can compose things on the internet.  Richard explains that he has used all kinds of blogs to be together as one site.  That way whatever you looking for is all together instead of scattered across the internet.

I believe I am ready to write using multimedia.  I have grew up in it really.  Everything from facebook to playstaions have help my generation be prepared for this.  My students will be able to also.  They will grow up in this era of technology and be prepared for the future.  I will use whatever I am able to to help them also.

On Learn To Change, Change to learn the first thing that got my attention was hearing that we have no choice but to learn to be technology literate.  That is a very true statement and if you try to avoid it you will just have embarrassing moments in the future when needed.  The people in the video also explain how the students today are leaning outside the school before there even there.  Just like facebook and things that they are already interested in gets them ready for the world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Post # 7

Randy Pausch last lecture was a really good video to watch.  The fact that he about to lose his life makes the video more interesting to watch.  That is what really grab my attention.  Randy teaches about how to achieve goals in life and also how to help others reach there goal.
One of the things that I like was how Randy said to not allow brick walls to stop you.  He said that brick walls are sometimes there to stop others from going through.  Basically whoever tries the hardest is the one that deserves to go through the door.  That can be a good life lesson for someone who is trying hard to do something and can't seem to get it done.  Don't Give Up.
 Another thing that I like what Randy has to say was about girls listening to guys.  Even though he only mention this for a second, it was a good point.  He said for girls to ignore everything a guy says and pay attention to only what they do.  This does help me with being able to give advice to my daughter about boys.  That is one of my goals is for my daughter to be treated right so maybe that will help some.

The last thing that I remember how randy said not to set a bar for your students.  He said that you can hold them back that way.  I have never thought of that but that is a really good point.  I will have to remember that as a teacher and as a parent.  The head fakes(which is to get someone interested in something to teach them something else and they don't even know it) where also good ways of teaching someone something in a different way.
Blog Post # 7