Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C4T # 2

I was assigned to Allanah King's(AKA The Dragonsinger) blog. First of all, I just realized that her name was dragonsinger and not dragonslayer; sorry for that dragonsinger. I read two of her blogs. The first one was about using apps on the iPhone. She had recommended one that was called Instagram. It was an app about putting things such as pictures all together on one program, and being able to send them to any website like facebook. I commented on her post saying the following:

My name is Jude Sanford and I was assign to do a summary of your post on my blog. I should have it posted by the end of next week at I did go the link for Instagram, and it showed me another example of why I should get an iPhone. It was a pretty cool app to look at. I would love to be able to put all the pictures together and share it with others. Hope you continue to find more apps with your iPhone.

On the next blog, she wrote about her classroom setting. She put a tent in her classroom for her students to learn in and have creativity. I thought that was one of the coolest things I ever heard of in a classroom. I commented her the following:

You got to be one of the coolest teachers there is. I have never even thought of a classroom like that. I can see how it could really be enjoyable for students to have tents in their classroom. This has to make them feel like they are at home. I don’t believe every class could be like this because jobs on the outside want be like that. I can see how having some classes like this could make it comfortable and exciting for the students. I’m sure they appreciate you for doing this.

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