Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C4T # 1

I was assign to comment on Royan Lee's blog as my comment for teacher blog. The first blog of his that I read was about how far technology has came, and how it can work with past material such as charts, pens and paper. I posted a comment on his blog that read as the following: I love how far technology has come in recent years. I think it is awesome that we can do so many things through the internet such as getting a degree on-line. I feel more confident knowing that I am able to e-mail teachers and other students for help with things that I cannot figure out on my own.  In his second blog that I read, he wrote about collaboration in schools.  On this blog I had a little trouble keeping up.  I was not sure that I was getting his point.  I feel like I did but I am not educated as he is on the school systems.  I felt like a fish out of the water(however that saying goes) when I was commenting on his thoughts about it.  I tried to give my opinion about what I felt like collaboration meant at school levels.  I wrote the following on that: I believe one of the hardest things about collaboration is the attitudes. From my view as a student I would say that the attitude of people today can make a barrier. I hear all the negative attitudes and once had one myself. I believe we live in a world today where people do not really care about doing things the right way. As you said they just want to get by without learning anything.
From technology to collaborations in school, one thing that I'm certain of is that Mr. Lee is an educated man and cares about his work. 

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