Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Post # 3

Blog Post #3

The video A Vision of Students Today is about how kids view school.   They say that some of the things in the classroom will not help them  in the future and that the books they buy is useless.  I believe some of the things are correct.  I know that I have bought books that cost a lot and I have not used them.  I think that just the school's way of getting more money.

If I was to make a part in this video, I would have a sentence that says, "slow down and explain it more".  I feel like some teachers do not do spend enough time explaining things they teach.  There in a rush to go into the next lesson without really explaining what they have just went over.  I know it's college and we are old enough to learn on our on, but in that case why don't we just show up for the test date.

On  It's Not About Technology article, Ms. Hines wrote about how technology is useless without basic knowledge.  She talks about how teachers need to teach some things such as literacy before they can go into technology.  She also said that students need to become creative.

I agree that we should know basics before we can advance into other things.  I know how to type this article and post it.  However, I'm always scared that (i'm or im for example) using  punctuation wrong.  If I cannot get that right, then how can I expect to for someone to listen to what I have to say.  I believe technology and basic knowledge is very important.  We will need both going into the future.

In the article The Fischbowl: Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher, Karl Fisch  explains basically the same thing Ms. Hines wrote.  They are both trying to get the point about being literate.  My favorite thing he said was about how parents would accept the idea of being illiterate at math.    I have heard that same thing but in different ways.

How many time has parents held there kid back just because of their lives.  I have seen kids drop out of school and the parents response was that they did not finish school, so what could they say.  I have also heard parents say I did drugs so I can't tell them they can't.  Even though the parents know that the best thing for their kids is to finish school and don't do drugs, they will help them do the exact opposite by saying these negative things.

The social media count ttp:// shows how much usage of sites and downloads are being use on the internet.  I believe all this can help me as a teacher.  You can do so much through the internet now.  Some of these sites can help you communicate good with students, other teachers and even parents.  This can be helpful for communication on a regular basis.


  1. I enjoyed reading your description and views on the videos. I feel like you have watched them and gave a good account to what you see in schools, etc. On the video "A Vision of Students Today" I liked how you would add that teachers need to slow down and explain things. I completely agree with you. Sometimes professors know so much about the material they are teaching, that they don't come across well with it. Its like they automatically assume we will understand right away. As a future teacher I am trying to go ahead and figure out different strategies of teaching because I know all my students will not learn the same way.
    On the post about Technology Illiterate Teachers, do you think it is okay to be technologically illiterate? I agree that parents do make excuses for their children, but how can we help these parents change that? I do think its okay to acknowledge that we don't know everything about technology but I also believe the next step is to figure it out, not just make excuses!

  2. " I think I have a brain. I have never seen it or used it though." Come now! If not, turn it on! Now!

    Brittany asked whether you think it is okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher? What's your response?

  3. I do use my brain sometimes Dr. Strange LOL. Just joking when I say that. Brittany I believe you should not be technologically illiterate. You will not be able to keep up with everything in the future. It's just easier to do things with technology. I work as a waiter in a restaurant, and that job even requires me to use computers to put orders in.