Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Report on PLN

My final report on my PLN has not changed much from earlier.  I have found a few networks that I will use now that I know about them.  I mention them in some of my earlier blogs. MCPSS is one of them.  MCPSS is something that I will use in order to know what I need to teach. I still use wikipedia and google more than anything else.  There my favorite without a doubt.  Anytime I have a question I ask my parents.   One of them will know.  My parents know the definition to everything.  If I am lost, I ask my parents for the directions.  If I need to know price rates on things that I want to buy, I ask my parents.  Some people's parents are not as educated as mine.  They are older and have not changed any.  They might have to wait weeks at a time to hear from their parents.  They cannot keep up with my parents.  My parents are too smart and too fast for other parents to keep up with.  Everything is right there when it comes to my parents.  No need to drive any where, no need to call anyone, I just ask.    When I teach, I will use my parents to help me.  They will be there forever.

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