Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Post # 13

Blog Post # 12

http://alex.state.al.us/browseStand.php Alex is a website that deals with Alabama Learning.  Alex stands for Alabama learning exchange.  If you go into one of the subjects on the home page it will take you into that subject and give you things that will need to be taught in the classroom.  They have information on all subjects in school.  There is a place to go on the website to make lessons also.  You can choose from different grades also. 

I believe this site can be very helpful to me in the future.  I have the option of going head and looking ahead to some of the things that will be helpful to me as a teacher.  I have already looked into social studies for eight graders to get a heads up on some of the things that will be taught.  I know of another website that is similar.  www.mcpss.com is to do with Mobile Al school system.  I have saved both of these websites so that when I have time I can learn as much as possible before going into my career as a teacher.
 ACCESS http://accessdl.state.al.us/aboutaccess/ is another website that deals with Alabama education.  There website says, "The goal of the distance learning plan is to create equity through additional educational offerings for all Alabama public high school students."  There is a column on the left of the home page that has announcements for the school system.  I believe this website will be more helpful when I become a teacher than it will now.  I believe the websites listed above can be more helpful now because I can go ahead and make sure that I know as much as possible about what I will be teaching.

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