Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My C4T was on Ms. Paula White's blog.  I commented on two of her blogs.  The first blog that I commented on was about how she was allowing her students to finish stories on a wiki.  I thought that was very creative.  It allows students to be creative and come up with their own ideas for a story.  I loved writing stories when I was in school and I'm sure that Ms. White's students loved doing this also.  This is the comment I left on that blog:

One Response to “Wiki Work”

Jude Sanford says:
April 13, 2011 at 8:09 pm
My name is Jude Sanford and I am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. I was assigned to your blog and I loved reading it. I enjoy being able to be creative. I see that you allow your kids to do the same. Finishing the stories was a very creative idea.
I will be reading your blog in a few weeks and making a summary of it on my blog. If you would like to see it, you can find it on Thanks

The next blog I read of Ms. White was on her putting up questions that her students had asked her.  I loved the questions too.  Some of the questions was:  When is a fact a fact, what did people use instead of road signs before road signs, and what would our country be like if Christopher Columbus had landed on the west coast instead of the east coast?   She also gave you the option of asking a question also.  This was my comment on that blog:
Jude Sanford says:
Hey Ms. White,
This was an interesting blog. I liked all the questions that where asked in it. I never thought of what our country would be like if Columbus would’ve landed on the west coast. It makes me wonder where I would be if that would’ve happen. My question: Is the Bible something that men made up for people to have an explanation for why we are here?

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