Friday, April 22, 2011

C4K Summary Spring

 My first kid that I was assigned to was Andrew, who is a work maniac.  He also says that he is a friendly person.  I told him how hard work can get you far in life.  This is the comment that I left for Andrew:
Hey Andrew,
  My name is Jude Sanford and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM class at the University of South Alabama.  I am kind of a work maniac also.  I think being a work maniac will carry you a long way in life.  Just make sure you work smart also.  Looks like your going to have a great future being friendly, nice, and a hard worker.  Good Luck!!!  is a link for Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog.  She takes it very serious which is a good thing.  She takes it so serious that she will not allow comments on her page that have punctuation errors.  I believe she does this because she does not want her kids seeing the wrong way to do something.  Especially if these errors are coming from future teachers.  The first thing I viewed on her blog was the interaction between the students and parents.  April was actually dedicated family blogging month.  The parents would comment on the blogs and the students would comment back.  I think that is a very good idea.  I believe that if parents see what they are learning in class that they can understand how important it is for there kids to learn.  They could also see how hard the teachers are working to help the kids.  This might encourage the parents to make their kids do better in school instead of allowing them to fail and drop out later.  I do believe that parents are at fault for students failing and dropping out.  So maybe by allowing them to be apart in some ways it will allow the parents to take school more serious.

I watched the video on how to blog by Mrs. Yollis.  I knew most of what she was going over because we have been doing that this entire semester.  I did learn how to correct punctuation by using the control button over a word that is marked incorrect.  Another thing that I learned is that I can add information to the blog when I comment on it.  I have did that in some ways but I believe I could improve in that.

Mrs. Vollis has a link where you can see what time it is in different locations across the world.  I believe this can be helpful in at least two ways.  The kids will get more familiarized with how time zones work and it will also allow them to know what time it is where the other kids that they are blogging with is.    Her students are blogging with other students across the world.  She calls this quad blog pals, where there is links to other classrooms.  This reminds me of something we called pen pals.  This is just a better and faster way of that.  Instead of waiting on letters for days, a student can communicate with another student from across the world in minutes. Mrs. Yollis also shows how to use html as I just did here. If my last sentence is in italics then that means I went by her directions correctly. She also teaches you how to use bold this way.

My last kid that I had was Jaden from Mrs. Yollis class.  He is a big Clippers fan.  Since I'm a basketball fan, it was easy to comment on his page.  He wrote about a Clippers game that he had been to.  He wants to know if the readers of his blog had ever been to a Clippers game.  I have never been, but I have been to a Lakers game so I told him about my experiences there.  I also commented on if I would like to see the Clippers play.   I told him how I would love to see Blake Griffin play because he can "dunk like crazy."

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