Thursday, March 31, 2011

C4T # 3

 I was assigned to as my C4T # 3.  Miguel Guhlin posted records in Texas of how many teachers there are compared to administrators.  In Texas the ratio was 13 to 1.  Laura Johnson posted on a comment where she was talking about how many teachers are losing their jobs.  She said that teachers are very important to kids.  I agree completely with her.  Just two nights ago in Church  a preacher was talking about how we need to help kids.  One thing that he said that I will always remember is that it is easier to build kids than repair grownups.  I believe teaching  is  one of the single most important jobs that there is. A teacher can really make an impact on a kids life.  I don't know much about why teachers don't get paid more or why they are losing their jobs.  Maybe it's because people(maybe government workers or ourselves) don't care how the kids grow up today.  I think that something could be done about this.  Our government, our leaders of our country, who are in control can do something about it.  We who vote for these leaders could do something by our votes.  I'm amazed how the rich get richer.  The gas prices keep going up and the government don't do  anything about it.  I would think that is because they benefit from it.  If them people can get that rich off of things like that then why can't teachers get paid more.  Our tax money should go more towards our future.  It should not go toward government leaders rich life-style.

My second post from Mr. Guhlin was about a tax increase that the state of Texas is trying to pass.  While I really did not know anything about the tax situation, I could tell that it was something that Mr. Guhlin cared about.  He had a list of reasons to reject the tax budget.  He had short-term effects and long-term.    He also stated that the budget was inadequate to meet the needs of Texas.  As I said I really do not know anything about Texas's tax budgets.  One thing that I did learn from reading his blog is that this teacher has constantly showed that he cares about his schools and state.  I would bet that most people only care about doing whatever it takes to get a paycheck.  They would not go through all the trouble of explaining how a certain tax budget would hurt their school.  Mr.  Guhlin seems to be taking the extra steps to help our future.

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