Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post # 8

Blog Post # 8

This Is How We Dream Part 1 starts off by explaining how writing and books are still helpful today.  Richard Miller explains how he grew up in an house with books and he always wanted to use books in his career.  He now uses his experience on the internet.  He shows how he used the two together to do a project for the killings at the Virgina Tech School.  He also teaches how you can use it for communication across the world instantly.

This is How We Dream Part 2 explains how you can compose things on the internet.  Richard explains that he has used all kinds of blogs to be together as one site.  That way whatever you looking for is all together instead of scattered across the internet.

I believe I am ready to write using multimedia.  I have grew up in it really.  Everything from facebook to playstaions have help my generation be prepared for this.  My students will be able to also.  They will grow up in this era of technology and be prepared for the future.  I will use whatever I am able to to help them also.

On Learn To Change, Change to learn the first thing that got my attention was hearing that we have no choice but to learn to be technology literate.  That is a very true statement and if you try to avoid it you will just have embarrassing moments in the future when needed.  The people in the video also explain how the students today are leaning outside the school before there even there.  Just like facebook and things that they are already interested in gets them ready for the world.


  1. Hey Jude!
    I agree with you on the Learn to Change video that as teachers we will all have to be techno literate if we want to succeed in the profession and not avoid it. I definitely don't want to look like an idiot in front of my classroom not knowing what to do, especially if my students know and I don't...which will probably be the case.

    I also agree that it will probably be pretty easy to incorporate multimedia in the classroom. It will be an easy tool to grab the students' attention. It's just a matter of whether or not the schools will catch up to the 21st century and have all the things we need in the classroom.

    You should have watched the Chipper Series video....Jamie Lynn is so funny in it. And that Secret Powers of Time is really cool too. He uses an awesome technique you should check out if you haven't already.

  2. Hey Jude,

    I am glad that you seem ready to write with multimedia. I really wish I could say the same, but I am not ready.

    What happened to your post about the Chipper series and EDM 310 for dummies?

    Stephen Akins