Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Post # 9

Blog Post # 9




What I've Learned This Year is a blog from  Mr. McClung.  He blogs about what he learned as a teacher in his first year.  One of the first things that he wrote is how he was so worried about his superiors that he lost touch of what the kids where learning.  He said that student comprehension is the most important aspect of being a teacher.  I understand where he is coming from.  I worked as a car salesman for four years.  Sometimes you are so worried about the pressure from your boss that you lose focus on how you are really treating the customer.  I work as a server now in a restaurant and the same thing can be done their.  I will have to remember what he said about this as I go into my career as a teacher.  Mr. McClung also writes about how he would beat his self up over lessons that did not go well.  This is something that we should take in consideration as a teacher.  Just because everything does not go perfect with what your teaching does not mean you are not doing a good job.  I'm sure for elementary teachers this can be a headache when you seem to not be getting thorough what you are teaching.  I want to give it my best when I become a teacher.  I also will have to remember not to get discouraged if everything does not go perfect while teaching.  Communication is another tip that he gives in this article.  Mr. McClung talks about how communication can help drama at work places.  That is very true.  Think about how many times you have had drama with someone and then think about how it got resolved.  I bet it took a conversation between you and that person to solve the problem.  That always seems to work when I have friction with someone.  We speak our minds and how we feel.  Then you usually understand each other  and work the problem out.  "Listen to your students.  YOU MAY BE THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES." This is what I like the best out of all the things that was said by Mr. McClung.  If you are wanting to become a teacher, you should care about your students.  You should listen to them and try to understand the problems that they might be facing.  A teacher should be much more than just caring about what kind of grade they get.  Life can be difficult and the right help from the right people can make a big difference in how someone lives their life.  LISTEN,CARE, and HELP THEM!!!

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  1. Jude,
    Very nice post, you made excellent points and told the story in your words too. It was great to read.
    Amberly Elmore